Hi everyone, this is Andrea. We are so glad to be joining you and find it is an exciting process, starting a new business. We are so happy to be entering the world of small businesses. This is our first venture on our own but we have all worked in different businesses before. My sister has joined me as an independent marketing consultant. My sister Savannah is awesome. She has a degree in marketing and has so many great ideas. She is going to do so well for all of our customers in getting their estate sales advertised, and bringing in the folks to our sales. I just finished my Master’s Degree in Business which was such a huge deal for me. I have worked very hard to finish that. I never took the regular route to things so this degree came later in life than most people’s and took a little longer so I could work full time and raise my kiddos.

I have always wanted something for myself but never thought much about being an entrepreneur before the last couple of semesters in school. I knew I wanted to help my husband run a business that he has dreamed of and we still plan to make that happen; but I found something that I was passionate about this year and figured out that I could make it a real thing. I love antiques and collectibles. I love history and so the history of items and the culture that has occurred at different time periods that brought out such great items fascinates me. I have a real passion for glass ware personally. I love the artistic design of carnival glass as well as the art work that comes on original blue willow china. I have a personal collection of both. I know what these items mean to me and understand that other people may have similar collections.

The idea to start an estate sale company started brewing in me years ago but between some classes and some stuff that happened in our family earlier this year it has come to fruition. Back in February my mom’s brother passed away. He had all of my grandparents items from when they passed. The house was full of collectibles. My grandmother collected old radios and there were tons. My grandfather collected cars and car related memorabilia. The estate was handled by a friend of my uncle’s who hired an estate company. We were present when they started the sale. It was not a pleasant experience in my opinion and I decided that I wanted to do that job and do better. I have worked in grief counseling over the years and really believe that things should be handled carefully. No one needs to feel the need to grieve more during the process of having to handle a family member’s estate.

I am so excited that this is a family venture. My husband and kids will help helping with organizing and cleaning at times and as I mentioned my sister is my marketing woman. She is super smart and has so many great ideas. My mom will be helping check out customers from time to time as well as aunts helping during sales. We have put  a lot of work into being ready for our first customers. I have a great friend that has been a great mentor. He and his wife have been working in this business for over a decade. I also have to give a shout out to my brother and sister-in-law. They have a company that does web design so I have to thank them for my wonderful website.

We will be blogging at least once a week and hope you will join us. We can’t wait to talk about upcoming sales. We will share hot collectible information and sometimes you will just get to hear about my awesome family. Share the site with your friends and family. We can handle any sale you might have. If you feel the need to down size, we can help. If you have been through something similar to what my family went through back at the beginning of the year we want to help. Consults are free. We know sometimes we all have a lot to deal with, let us take care of things for  you.

Crouch Estate Sales