New business ventures are expensive and a new term I have heard is called “bootstrapping it”. That is what we are doing. We are a family run business and a small startup. We are taking each new challenge a day at time. It is lucky for us that we have the right members in our own family to help with some big things. River Valley Web Experts have been awesome at helping us get our site running and helping us with the details on navigating a digital world. I appreciate them more than they know.

We are all licensed in Arkansas and working on our Oklahoma license. We are ready to help the first customer that needs us. This has been a great experience for me. I have been working to implement all the things I have been learning about in school for years now and it is exciting. My first step was meeting with the planning and zoning commission where I live. It was just a small office with some nice folks. I filled out some forms and pitched my business and walked out registered a bit later. It was a bit more complicated learning my way around state and federal registration. I was thrilled when I got my tax numbers from both though. It is funny to get excited about taxes but I sure was because that means this is still happening.

I have had fun working with my sister about ideas and new things that we can do to attract customers. I look forward to building this business with her and we already have big goals of expanding into event planning so stay tuned for that one folks. It has been awesome talking with different family members who are all ready to help on each sale and are so supportive as we get started. I hope our first customer knows that our family will take care of theirs.

We will keep “bootstrapping” and taking care of the small details as they come up. We are ready to help and have knocked out a huge to do list. I have met with some great people through and We hope to be advertising a sale with them soon. If you or someone you know needs us please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We are so excited and we want to help do the best we can for our customers. No sale is too big or too small and we are ready to tackle whatever you have. I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend and we will be shouting out to you again very soon!


Well worn pair of leather workboots on a white background