One of the things we have been asked about on occasion is moving services. We offer very specific moving services that we started helping with a couple of years ago. We can assist with senior moving. We have a lot of clients that are having to down size as they are moving to assisted living or nursing homes. This assist is a service we provide at an hourly rate and is separate from the estate sales services. Sometimes it is followed by a contract to complete an estate sale but sometimes it is not.

When we are assisting with this type of moving service, one of the things we assist with is taking a blue print of the client’s new living environment and assisting in helping determine what items to keep that will fit in the new home. This sorting process can help our client’s in processing the changes and in sorting through all their belongings to help determine what they want to keep or not. During the service we can sort through and assist in donating items that our client no longer wants and helping the client in dispersing items to family members.

If you have a family member who could benefit from these services please feel free to reach out and speak with us. We would be glad to help and discuss further. There is no obligation to have an estate sale. Again this service is separate and we can discuss how this can work for you. If we provide this service for you or your family and you would like to discuss having an estate sale afterwards we can and it will be a separate contract. We are always here to help and our goal is to make these times in your life easier for you. We know how tough these changes can be.