I have worked as a nurse in psychiatric units for many years of my nursing career. I have dealt with a lot of people with different types of mental illness and for awhile wrote a blog on nursing. I thought I would write this post on both my experience in nursing and how it crosses over with my new venture. Hoarding is a disorder and can manifest in many different ways. It is often associated with depression and anxiety. It is shown through a person not being able to discard items no matter the value or use of the item. Many people will hold on to items like newspapers, magazines, sometimes even trash. It can manifest through excessively large collections. These collections can be of anything whether valuable or not. You may even know someone that has this issue. I think that many of us have issues like this to some extent. Many of us also like to collect different items. I love all things Wonder Woman and my family will often get me items for special occasions. I am sure before long I will have to downsize the collection. There is a difference in collecting and hoarding. When the collection is causing distress and a person is now embarrassed they may have a hoarding problem.

So the downsizing part is where our company can come in to help. Some people may have a collection so large they do not even know any more what they have and how much of it there is. If you know someone that has a collection that may have gotten out of control then we are here to help. It is an emotional time to part with items that have come to mean so much to the person; and our company wants to take great care in helping with the process. We can assist with the liquidation and help with the process to try to maintain dignity and keep the emotional toll to a minimum. Depending on the size of the hoard and what is involved the commission may be different than normal sales but we want to help in any and all ways. Just know that if you know a hoarder it was not easy for them to let you know they have a problem. Many of you may know someone that has the issue but you are not aware because they have never let you go to their home. They are often embarrassed and know that they have an issue but are afraid to ask for help. They also don’t think they can handle the comments you may make about their issue.

This issue was common enough that television created shows about it. You may have seen the television show, “Hoarders” and all the different variations that took off. Television never shows everything that is involved but these shows did bring light to a large problem that affects millions. In the U.S. alone it is estimated that six to fifteen million people suffer with this disorder. Our company will not shy away from helping. We want to do anything that may be needed to help deal with this disorder. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

I also found this article from the Huffington Post that talks about the six signs of hoarding. I hope that it helps.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/06/hoarder-signs_n_3867423.html