The Salt and Pepper Shaker House

Make sure you come see us in Booneville Arkansas February 7th through the 9th for this great sale. We open 8 to 5pm each day. We have many items outside as well and as some of you have worked with us know, all items outside are negotiable. We will have a person out side to work with you there as well as check out inside for the house. We will be at 165 E Magazine street in Booneville. This is just a couple blocks off the main street. In fact you turn at the McDonalds. Look for our signs and feel free to call if you have any issues. We want to see you there. We have had some of the sets for sale ahead of time on our Facebook page and we thank everyone who shopped with us so far but we only made a start and have sold about 30 sets. There are still 6000 more to go and many more copies of what we have already sold. If you collect something I bet we have a set to go with it.